What exactly is a soundconditioner?

Sound conditioners (also known as sound machines, sleep machines, whitenoise machines - or one of many combinations thereof) are machines that emit aconsistent, soothing soundtrack. Just as air conditioners moderate thetemperature of an environment and drapes allow for the control of light in anenvironment, sound machines moderate the noise level of an environment. Turnone on, and tune everything else out.

Why would I want a sound machine?

A lot of people find that the soothing sound of rushing air is a wonderfullyrelaxing, all-natural sleep aid. We've received a lot of letters and emailsfrom new parents, nightshift workers, spouses of snorers, frequent travelers --even pet owners. All of them thank us, and say that we've literally changedtheir lives. Some people swear by their Marpac sound conditioner forconcentration purposes, too, especially in an office or study environment that'stoo loud or just too quiet. And for privacy, whether you're in an apartment ordorm room, in a physician's or therapist's office, the sound conditioner is asimple and economical sound-masker.

Who should use a sound machine?

Millions of well-rested people have been surprised at how much their sleepimproved, or at how much better they could concentrate while studying. Oursound conditioners are especially useful for:

People Who Snore

There is no shame in snoring. It happens. But if your snoring keeps yourspouse awake, try one of our devices. It's cheap and noninvasive, nothing towear on your face or ingest. Thousands of people swear it has saved theirmarriages.

Noisy Households

Sleep will not come easily amidst noises from the street, constructionsounds, crying kids, music-loving neighbors, or the late-night televisionwatcher next to you. If you don't live in a serene country cottage, andsometimes, even if you do, you may want to consider getting a soundconditioner. It's not just a sleep aid, it's a tool for restoring order to yourpersonal

Infants and children

Our white noise helps children sleep like babies (only better!) at nighttimeor naptime. Using a sound conditioner helps to establish a sleepy-time ritualthat can travel with you to grandma's house or on vacation. Our machines maskdishwashers, telephone calls, and all of the other not-so-silent things youneed to get done without waking the kids, and also provide a consistent soundenvironment that is especially soothing to infants. We have many “Marpacfamilies” with sound conditioners in every bedroom, and nothing makes ushappier than to know that our products are beloved by generations!


Get more "A"s from more ZZZZZs... and better studying. Is theperson next door is too noisy? Is your room is too quiet? Does your roommatesnore like a gorilla. Our machines help students focus by providing aconsistent audio backdrop even on loud campuses. Stressed students need sleep.We bring it. You can even skin your Dohm with personalized pictures of yourschool mascot, your dog, college colors or whatever else strikes your fancy.



Its not easy sleeping when you're out of town. Take along the Zohne, ourpetite travel sound conditioner, and create a sleepy home away from home. Nomore hearing people in the hotel hallway or listening to the elevators allnight. No tossing and turning in an unfamiliar bed. Many of our customers neverleave home without it. A good night's sleep is worth the space in yoursuitcase.


Office Workers

If you work in an office, especially in a cubicle, you know how distractingoffice chatter can be. It's hard to keep your personal telephone conversationsprivate. No more. Our sound conditioners turn cubes into individual sanctuarieswith one click. They also keep private offices more “private,” and have theadded benefit of enhancing concentration, too!

Doctors’ Offices

Marpac sound conditioners are ideal for use in settings where you don't wantconversations overheard such as in doctors and therapists offices. This notonly makes patients feel more comfortable, but also keeps you aligned with therequirements of HIPAA for patient confidentiality.

Night-Shift Workers

Even if you work from 5pm-9am, you can sleep soundly when you get home. Nowyou can control your sleep schedule, your sound environment, your job stressand your sanity.

Tinnitus Sufferers

If you suffer from tinnitus, our sound conditioners may offer some relief.The ability to manipulate the tone of the sound emitted by the soundconditioner to match the tone in your ringing ears is part of what makes ourdevices so effective. Many sound conditioners are not up to the tinnitus task.Ours gets a ringing endorsement.




Our soothing sound is not just for humans!  Many devoted pet owners report that their animals experience less anxiety (especially during loud events like fireworks or thunderstorms) thanks to our sound machines.  Furthermore, barking spells tend to be minimized, because the pet doesn’t hear every-single-little-tiny-noise-out-there.  White noise for the woof!

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